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Hello, my name is Ana Isabel Magalhães I am 21 years old and I am from OPorto, Portugal.

I have been in this world of blogger since 2009, with several blogs with multiple subjects (compositions, diy's...) but I found on the blog Design for Style a way to express myself about everything that I see, experience... in particularly about the fashion world.

My interest about Arts and Fashion Design started very early, when I was, probably, on 5th grade. In the classes I frequently drew in every book and paper that I found, all the giant dresses, like the Cinderella one, that I thought that one day I would be making for real. I always loved the idea of making girls feel like princess, so I really love the bridal and party looks, they were my favorite to draw.

As a "consequence" of my interest in this area, I went to a school that was specialized in Arts. In that school, on 10th grade, I had a thing that we call here Arts - Common Area, which was an year that I had the lucky to experience some of the areas that are inserted in the arts. I experienced areas related to Product Design, Artistic Production, Audiovisual Communication and a kind of Graphic Design. In all this areas the one that I liked the most was Artistic Production, which, in the next year, was the area that I picked to continue to study.

In the 11th grade, I had inside that area, three small areas where I had to work. Those areas were: Ceramics, Jewelry and Plastic Realization of Spectacle. As the year before, I had to choose which area I wanted to continue in the next year, so, in the end, I ended up to chose Plastic Realization of Spectacle, because was the area that I had more interest to continue to explore and because I could work with many different materials.

In 12th grade I really loved the area that I chose, it surprised me by positive. I had two very important projects that I have done in one year, in which I learned a lot.

The University... in the beginning I had no clue which one I could choose. I was divided between Fashion Design and Costumes for Theatre. I ended up to choose Fashion Design almost like a last minute decision, because I really liked the two areas. 

After three years in the university I recently ended my degree in Fashion Design and Marketing at University of Minho and I am ready to enter in the world of work. 

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